The origin of this treatment go back to time immemorable: the ancient Romans already knew the benefits of the sauna and they praised its detoxifying properties.  

Benefits of the heat are enriched from the essential oils emanated from the vapor, which seeps in the tissues, through the pores of the skin, and produces a pleasant revitalizing effect. 

More generally sauna produces instant benefits both at mental and physical level:

1) Muscles relaxing
2) Detox effect on the body
3) Reinforcement of the immune system
4) Improvement of the skin
5) Increase of the concentration

Bio Sauna

Bio sauna, also called "sanarium", is halfway between a turkish bath and a finnish sauna: it takes advantage from the regenerating and purifying properties of the heat that, however, never reaches too high temperatures. 

If, in effect, the traditional finnish sauna produces temperatures until 90° C, in the bio sauna they never go over the 60°C, for a comfortable and embracing, but not oppressive, feeling of heat.

In this way you can stay in the sauna half an hour losing the same amount of liquid as in a finnish sauna or in a turkish bath. Benefits of the heat are enriched from the essential oils, which are emanated from the vapor, from the dried herbs and from the hay. Medicinal herbs spread effluvia which seep in the tissues, producing a pleasant revitalizing effect. 

The heat bath at soft temperatures allows the skin to sweat out and to reactivate the circulation without trauma, obtaining all the classical benefits of the sauna, including the elimination of the toxins, as uric acid and purine, which are threw out by the sweat, and the elimination of the dead cells of the skin, that will appear softer and brighter, as reborn.

Finnish Sauna

Finnish sauna, also called "dry sauna", is the most traditional one. In this case the temperature is between 60° C and 90°C, the vapor comes out hot from the water poured on the heated up stones, the humidity in this kind of sauna is between 10-20%.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna or infrasauna is a "bath" of dry heat which gives a pleasant and relaxing feeling of wellbeing, similar to the one felt laying in the sun.

Thanks to their particular wave-lenght, these rays have a direct effect on the objects in a safe and natural way.

The energy (heat) produced from the rays goes deep in the body until 7,6 cm and throws  the sweat outside. In this way it is possible to throw out under skin toxins. 

The temperature of an infrared sauna is usually between 30 and 60°C, much less compared to the traditional sauna which goes around 80-90 °C. In spite of the lower temperatures the body is sweating more in an infrared sauna because the infrared energy goes deeper in the body.

Because of the therapeutic property of infrared rays A B and C they are used in medical practice and in physiotherapy, they have in fact analgesic and relaxing effects on the muscles.