Wellness, suitable for all...

Garden Pool has ready the ideal solution for any of your need,  starting from the smallest and the most economic realization, to works refined and exclusive in elegance. 

Customized and cutting edge solutions, original settings, quality materials guaranteed over time, are the main features of our company. 

Our staff looks after the different work phases, from the design to the digging, until the last details, following side by side the customer's need. 

Staff with decennial experience works for the correct construction and maintenance of the technological system of the swimming pool, with the guarantee of the water quality and of the best use by the customer.

Garden Pool melts Technology and Tradition in order to create valued and original products, which are naturally integrated with the surrounding setting and which respect the landscape and the in force regulations. Garden Pool is dealership BUSATTA SCP for the provinces of Florence, Pisa and Livorno.