System construction

Technological system of Garden Pool are designed and made to guarantee the best service at the lowest consumption.

An easy use of the system by the customer is considered a priority, as the quality of the products.

Chlorinated system

The most classical and the most widespread. It is an easy system that consists of adding periodically at preset intervals chlorine tablets or grains. In this way water is disinfected and polluting factors as algae, bacteria, fungus, etc, are neutralized.

It is available also in automatic version.

Salt water system

Innovative and natural system, which represents the alternative at chemical treatment, less aggressive for eyes and skin. An automatic treatment of the water works through the electrolysis of the salt: a specific device produces a disinfectant substance which eliminates polluting factors before convert itself again in salt.

Oxygen system

Suitable system both for swimming pools and spa. A natural treatment which operates through active oxygen; it is also effective at high temperatures and it guarantees a crystalline water, without smells and negative effects for eyes, skin and hair.

Active oxygen is ideal also for the "shock" treatments, with the aim to eliminate chloramines and other unpleasant effects.

Garden Pool offers an endless range of technical rooms for systems: from light and discreet rooms in fiberglass, to reinforced concrete ones.