Inground swimming pools

Entirely customized swimming pools for design, accessories and materials.

Solid structural components and perfect realizations. Research and innovation represent a priority for our company, as the respect for the tradition. Just through this fusion is possible to create products that can satisfy every kind of need. Turnkey realizations from the classic reinforced concrete, to the system with concrete and steel panels SCP Busatta, unique in this industry, with a non-degressive guarantee of 30 years (Dealership company SCP Busatta for the provinces of Florence, Pisa and Livorno).

Skimmer swimming pool

Essential and simple, easy to manage. It has a convenient cost and represents a kind of swimming pool more sober and traditional. 

Overflow swimming pool

Overflow swimming pool represents a most elegant solution and it is perfect for grounds with a light slope or for steep ones. It is a modern kind of swimming pool where on one sides, or more than one, the water overflows as a waterfall. From inside the swimming pool you can enjoy the surrounding view, which seems to be melted with the swimming pool surface.

Infinity swimming pool

Infinity swimming pool is characterized by the overflowing of the water along the entire perimeter of the swimming pool. With the mirror of the water at the same level of the floor or of the grass it has the ideal position on a flat surface, whilst not excluding other solutions. Thanks to the optimal system of cleaning of the surface water it is perfect choice for a public environment.